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Personal training & Fitness Instructing

Personal training & Fitness Instructing

Go from fitness enthusiast to instructor within a gym or health club, and delivering bespoke personal training to clients.

Take your first step into your new career

This qualification is designed for people at the start of their health and wellbeing career, who want to work immediately as a personal trainer.

This course is a combination of the Level 2 Fitness Instructor training and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. This allows you to work as a gym instructor within a gym or health club setting as well as deliver bespoke personal training to clients. As a combined course, it gives students a comprehensive understanding of fitness training for healthy adults. By the end of this training you will be ready to begin working as a fully qualified personal trainer.

Who is this course for?

This qualification is appropriate for anyone wishing to work professionally as a gym instructor or personal trainer. It is targeted at students with no prior knowledge, however it is also useful for people who are already working in associated fields (yoga teachers, pilates teachers, etc), who wish to offer a cross-training approach.

In detail

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to deliver safe and effective fitness instruction and personal training sessions. By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the key principles of exercise, fitness, and health
  • Plan and prepare a gym-based exercise programme
  • Understand anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • Develop effective working relationships with clients
  • Maintain health, safety, and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Design, manage, and adapt personal training programmes
  • Understand nutrition in relation to physical activity programmes

Progression Routes

Students who have completed this qualification go on to study nutrition, health and wellness coaching, or to specialised fitness qualifications.

Recognised by

This combined fitness instruction and personal training qualification is regulated by OFQUAL and fully recognised by REPs and CIMSPA.


What are the entry requirements for this course?

There are no prescribed entry requirements for this course. There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading, and writing) involved so students should have basic skills in communication at Level 2 (GCSE level English skills). You also need to love fitness and wellbeing.

How old do I need to be to take this course?

Young and old will all benefit from this course, but all students should be a minimum of 16 years old to undertake this qualification. Please note that 16 to 18 year-olds may need to be supervised in the workplace, once they have achieved the qualification.

How will I be assessed?

The Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training (RQF) is internally assessed.


The main pieces of evidence for the portfolio could include:

  • Assessor observation – completed observational checklists on related action plans  
  • Coursework – worksheets, assignments, projects or reports
  • Record of oral and written questioning  
  • Learner and peer reports
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

The evidence used in assessment portfolios will preferably be drawn from actual situations, but may be based on simulated situations where appropriate and where permitted by the relevant Sector Skills Council or Sector Skills Body.

How long will the course take?

Starting September 2021, we will offer this training course in a number of format to suit your needs. As well as scheduled training sessions, you will need to complete independent study.

The overall guided learning hours (GLH) estimate for this training course is 346 hours. It may take you more or less time to complete.

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Who is this course recognised by?

Our Fitness Instructing and Personal Training Diploma is fully accredited by CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). This means that on completion, you can register as a member of CIMSPA, the sector’s only chartered professional body, and achieve recognition and status within this field. We also report to Focus Awards, our governing body.

What if I am already a gym/fitness instructor?

If you have a recognised fitness instructor training at level 2, we are able to recognise that as part of your RPL (recognition of prior learning). That means you will not need to repeat that content, and can move straight on to learning how to become a personal trainer.

Our Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training consists of 10 modules that each focus on a specific area of fitness and wellbeing, and how to tailor that to a personal program.

Unit Title Unit Ref Level GLH
Principles of exercise, fitness and health A/600/9017 2 28
Anatomy and physiology for exercise H/600/9013 2 41
Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health A/600/9051 3 43
Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity M/600/9015 2 13
Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment T/600/9016 2 16
Planning gym-based exercise F/600/9018 2 23
Instructing gym-based exercise A/600/9020 2 37
Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme L/600/9054 3 40